Disney Villains and Heroines

These drawing are ridiculously pretty

i love these soooo much

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The way I dress is really about the message I want to send out to the world about who I am. Growing up in Alabama, I was black. I was poor. I was assigned male at birth — that’s how I like to put it. These things defined me, but I’m not any of these things. Clothes were a way for me to announce to the world who I was. I am not any of these things. This is who I am." - Laverne Cox

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I love this show with my whole heart.

this show has changed my life 

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Back when I was younger and more ignorant and misinformed than I am now, one of my exes literally made me feel guilty sometimes when he got a boner and I didn’t want to “take care of him”. He claimed that it caused him a lot of pain and he said that his doctor had actually said he couldn’t leave himself in that state or else he could damage himself…. So made me feel like I HAD to give him relief even when I really did not desire to. And that sucked.

Wait… it DOESN’T hurt them?

Boys get boners all the time for no reason. No, it doesn’t hurt them. If any boy tries to tell you otherwise, run away as fast as you can because he’s lying to you for the sake of his penis.

No penis is more important than you because you are a whole person and a penis is just a spongy flab o’ flesh. 

Hahaha deff not I get boners constantly.
Anything causes them

Favorite answer so far.


Dicks can seriously be ridiculous at times

Hell sometimes a brisk breeze can set them off

Reblogging this for all of the girls and guys that DO NOT KNOW THIS INFORMATION.  Because this is extremely important.



The term ‘blue balls’ isn’t actually a fucking thing. 

It was created by giant flopping douche canoes to con girls into rubbing their little dingadongs. 

I literally get 10 boners a day and never get blue balls. 

Next time someone tries to shame you into a handy, kick them in the balls and tell them “NOW YOU HAVE BLUE BALLS”

Sorry but, coming from a woman, “blue balls”  (ie pain caused by temporary fluid congestion) can be a thing, it’s just that not all men experience it, it will not cause any damage if not “treated”, and no woman should be obliged to “relieve” a guy with this problem. 

this is glorious and hilarious and informative thank you

Also, consider the following:

  1. "Blue balls" is caused by referred pain from vascular congestion of erectile tissue.
  2. Vascular congestion of erectile tissue is, in turn, caused by prolonged arousal that does not result in orgasm.
  3. This is not a gendered phenomenon; just about every configuration of genitals has erectile tissue that can become painfully congested in this fashion.
  4. In general, clitoral erectile tissue is both more nerve-rich and more internalised than penile erectile tissue (90% of the clitoral shaft lying within the body).
  5. Women are much more likely not to get off from sex than men are.

The upshot is that, if you’re a heterosexual dude, in all balance of probability you’ve “blue balled” your partner both more frequently and more severely than she’s ever done to you - and you don’t hear her complaining, do you?

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storiesofar inquired:

Bo and Dyson

——Makes the bed in the mornings:
at first it was Bo but after a few times of jumping right back in they just left it messy
——has sole posession of the T.V. remote
Usually Bo, as Dyson doesn’t care for modern, mundane television. Sometimes he just feels like annoying her and will tickle her into giving him the remote, in which case he would turn it to animal planet.
——is the bigger cuddler
——does the laundry
Bo, she does not trust Dyson with her threads
——mows the lawn
Bo, she used to do it all the time growing up in the Midwest
——shops for groceries
Dyson, he has special brands
——comes home drunk at 3am
——makes breakfast
——remembers to feed the fish
Dyson, he has a lot of sympathy for animals
——decorates the apartment
No one have you seen their apartments??
——initiates duets
Bo convinces him to sing with her during road trips
——falls asleep first
Dyson, on the couch with his head resting on Bo’s lap and his shirt unbuttoned and ankles crossed.

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Do you ever feel like you want a boyfriend or girlfriend just to splurge on them? To make them dumb cards and buy them little stuff you know they’ll love, to swing by their house with fast food and extra soft tissues when they’re sick, and to create little lists that you keep with you to write down things they mention they like when they aren’t looking so you can save up for them one at a time for no specific occasion.

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we praise men for the most trivial shit like “omg he buys you pads and chocolate!!!! hubby material!!!” 


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scenary: harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban 


scenary: harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban 

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❝ In the United States, access to tampons and pads for low-income women is a real problem, too: food stamps don’t cover feminine hygiene products, so some women resort to selling their food stamps in order to pay for “luxuries” like tampons. Women in prison often don’t have access to sanitary products at all, and the high cost of a product that half the population needs multiple times a day, every month for approximately 30 years, is simply, well, bullshit.

- The case for free tampons (via stuffmomnevertoldyou)

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody suggest that toilet paper or paper towels in public bathrooms shouldn’t be free.  We’d consider it outrageous if that very basic necessity were to be missing, or provided only for purchase.

And yet.

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when my dad was in college he had a friend who told a girl he’d take her on a date unlike any other she’d ever been on and so he took her to the supermarket to watch the lobsters fighting in the lobster tank

they’re married now

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Whenever I hear people say that classical music is boring I just want to remind them that Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture called for a cannon to be fired a total of 16 times.


remove cattle from stage

that’s not even the best partimagekey terms include:

  • balance your chair on two legs”
  • "continue swimming motion"
  • "insert peanuts"
  • "play ball!"
  • "release the penguins"
  • "gradually become agitated"
  • "light explosives now….. and…..   ….. now."
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Games with English: insert the word “only” anywhere into the above sentence and consider how the placement changes meaning.

Omg this is cool



Games with English: insert the word “only” anywhere into the above sentence and consider how the placement changes meaning.

Omg this is cool

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Photographer Francois Brunelle has been working on an amazing project; searching for people who look strikingly similar but have no relation to each other. These are some of this incredible finds. 


this fucked me up

no way

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